Ray V.

“As someone in his 40s, I decided that I needed to wrap my mind around something else besides work and home. I wanted to practice physical coordination instead of coordination of schedules, with the hopes of walking into retirement with something I’ve been doing for 20+ years instead of starting something completely new.

While traditional forms are taught, so are the intent and functions of the movements. Tai chi is a martial art. Without knowing the intentions of the move, the finer details would not be apparent. The beginning was a little daunting because this was all very new to me. Trying to catch up and not trip over myself was my first concern. But after a while, it did come together and my mind started focusing on the details. I completed memorizing the first form in a year, but I’m still practicing and learning it as I move on to others.

Tai chi balances out what I’m doing for most of my day, and accomplishes what I originally set out to find: balance. All the while, I’m learning how to better defend myself. I would recommend this school to anyone interested in improving their fitness and balance, to anyone who is looking to wrap their heads around something besides the daily grind. Of course, to anyone looking to specifically learn tai chi, I highly recommend this school for the depth and explanation that is taught.”