Tai Chi Ch’uan 太極拳

*Train to FEEL the balance between POWER and RELAXATION - resulting in a more efficient, unified, and effortless approach to health, stress, and movement. 

Sifu John Chen

Yang-style Tai Chi


- Participate in a welcoming and safe environment. 

- Apply Tai Chi function and philosophy.

- Re-educate the body to move more efficiently and effortlessly.



*We encourage BEGINNER STUDENTS and ADVANCED MARTIAL ARTISTS to join. YOU WILL LEARN martial and movement applications of: Yang-Style Tai Chi, Chen-Style Cannon Fist, Bagua, Kun-Wu Jian, and MORE

- 杜毓澤陳氏太極拳老架 -

Master Du Yu Ze demonstrating "Chen-Style Tai Chi"

Classes Include

Qigong: Breathe. Focus. Visualize.
-Learn to FEEL subtle body motions and how to coordinate them with your breath.
-Train for action with a calm mind.
-Rejuvenate yourself from the inside out. 

Stretching: NOURISH your Skeletal Structure and Body Tissues
-Unlock joints.
-Repair Muscles.
-Strengthen Tendons.
-Create Pathways for FLUID Movement. 

Moving Forms: RESPOND Reflexively NOT Emotionally
-Learn the basics.
-Build an intelligent body.
-Improve looseness, balance, sensitivity, spontaneity, creativity, adaptability, and memory.

Application: HEALTHY, Yes. MARTIAL, Absolutely.
-Train in a SAFE environment.
-Apply what you're learning.
-Understand its function.